domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Ion Fortuna - Process

Hello everybody!!

I send a big apology, because I abandoned for a long time my blog...

So, today I bring some photos about my cosplay of Ion Fortuna from the anime "Trinity Blood"

I use 2 times this cosplay, the first time I had many details, but for the second time I work in improve in that details...

The base of the cosplay was created for my tailor, and my mother and me, finish with all details: lace, gallon, armor (breastplate) , boots, and more...


One day before to event... yeah!! x'D

All my things...the boots had shoelace , my breastplate was big (ninja turtle xD)

I used crazy lens 

And the final result was: 

I love that photos *3* <3 

Well, for the second time, I improve the sword, the apron, the sleeves, the breastplate, and the boots

I bought new lens: Dolly eye <3 <3

I change the breastplace 

the apron and the sleeves (more ajusted) 

and the boots and my sword


and finally (I prefer the first time photos ;_; )

well, this is it, see you later!! c;

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