lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

My last cosplay

Well, I used my cosplay of Toma from the otome game Amnesia in october, but I had a big amount of homework, so I can't to up my photos...

In this moment I studying for my ordinary test of tomorrow, please wish me good luck :c

So... for the moment I will up the photos C:
My team and I, participated in the cosplay group contest, and we won the first place :DDDD

                                                            This is my cosplay process                 

And, some photos C:
I need more beauty photos :'3

My next project in december is Pit of the SSBB or Kif Icarus, but I don't have idea if I use that cosplay, because I have a surgery for that month :C (I HAVE FEAR :'CCCC)

Well this is it, C;

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